All Competitions and Rules

Should any incident not be covered within the local rules of Bexhill Bowling Club then refer to the Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark – link below



1) All Club competitions shall be arranged and controlled by the Competition Secretaries, under the supervision of the Executive Committee.

2) Competition entries will only be accepted upon payment of the Annual membership subscription, which is due no later than 18th April.3) Proof of payment of the rink fee either by season ticket or session ticket will also be required.
4) Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
5) Members who have entered competitions with another affiliated club shall not be eligible to play in any Bexhill Bowling Club competition.
6) Kindly refer to the separate list below for details of all internal Bexhill Bowling Club competitions, which are many and varied. Competitions will not take place if there are insufficient entrants to complete a round ahead of the final.
7) The smooth running of competitions is dependent on the common sense and good will of all players.
8) Do not enter any competition if you know you will be unavailable to compete in any round or the finals’ weekend, normally the first weekend in September.
9) No extension of the closing date for any round shall be granted for any reason whatsoever.
10) The challenger is the first named in the tie and has the choice of rink.
11) The challenger must supply a marker in singles matches. The marker must be a club member with a good knowledge of the game, and his/her duties, so that the game can be properly controlled.

12) We stress the need to arrange and play matches as early as possible. Do not leave this to the last minute as this will cause problems, especially if you find you cannot book a rink on the date you have agreed.
13) The challenger shall offer their opponent, within 48 hours of the closing date of the previous round, at least three dates for play, one of which shall be a Saturday or Sunday. The offering of two different start times on a single date does not count as two dates.
14) The time for commencing a match shall be mutually agreed but no player/team/side shall be compelled to accept a time earlier than 6.00pm Monday to Friday or 10.00am on a Saturday or Sunday, nor later than 6.30pm on any day.
15) The opponent shall, within 24 hours of receipt of the challenge, reply and accept one of the dates offered.
16) If a challenge has not been made within the specified period, the opponent shall become the challenger and make all match arrangements including the offering of dates and choice of rink.
17) The agreed date and time of play must then be registered in the rinks book.
18) If a tie is not played by the date stipulated, the challenger or the opponent may concede the game.
19) If the time scales for arranging any match are not met by either
the challenger or opponent, the matter shall be referred to Competitions Committee to adjudicate.
20) The Competitions Committee will decide, after an inquiry, who is to proceed to the next round.
21) If any competitor fails to arrive within thirty minutes of the agreed time, they forfeit the game. A signed card, giving the reason, must be completed.
22) Where a match is played to a predefined number of ends, should the match be tied at that time, then extra end(s) shall be played to decide the winner. Possession of the jack at the commencement of the extra end is to be decided by the toss of a coin.
23)  Any game that is unable to be played to its completion (unfinished game) will recommence from the last completed end, unless either team concedes the match.

24) A completed scorecard must be placed in the box, by the round completion date, to indicate: (a) the result of the match or (b) that the match has been conceded. If the game is conceded or decided on the toss of a coin, it must be made clear on the card who has conceded to whom. The name of the competition must appear on the scorecard, which must be dated and signed by both parties.
25) If no scorecard is forthcoming by the round completion date, then both/all names in the tie will be eliminated.
26) In all single competitions, the loser should, as a courtesy, offer to mark for the winner in the following round.
27) The Winner of the game will, with great care, enter the result onto the Competitions Sheet.
28) Players should notify the Competitions Secretary as soon as they know that they will need a substitute. The secretary may agree to a substitute for a player who falls ill in Pairs, Triples and Rinks competitions.
29) The substitute cannot be someone who has already entered that competition, should be comparable in level of bowls ability and of no higher handicap than that of the original entrant.
30) Once a substitute player has played in a Club competition, that player may continue with that competition in the next rounds, or the original player having recovered from illness may be reinstated.
31) Dress during the rounds will be navy/grey,with white tops or club shirts. Finals will be played in Whites with club shirts. Markers are expected to dress in a similar fashion.
32) All finalists, both winners and runners up may be presented with a prestigious trophy. The presentation, with photo shoot normally takes place on the Finals weekend. These trophies will need to remain in the holder’s safe custody until the finals weekend of the following year. During this time, we would ask that these are taken to be engraved by our appointed agent at the club’s expense.
All Club Trophies shall remain the property of The Club.