Women’s County Competitions


Each club entry must consist of TEN players and a
In each match there will be 4 games, the format of
which will be as follows:
Singles – played with 4 bowls to 21 shots.
Pairs – played with 3 bowls each player to 18 ends
Triples – to be played with 2 bowls each player to 18
Fours to be played with 2 bowls each player to 15
The winner will be the club who wins the most games in
that round. If the overall match score is 2-2 after
completion of the four games, the winning club will be
decided from the aggregate shot score from the four
games. In the event of a tie in the shot score as well as
the match score there will be an extra end in Pairs,
Triples and Fours, to decide the winning team. Shots
do not count on the extra end – only the result of the
three games 2-1, 3-0, etc.
The matches will be played on Challenger’s green on
Saturdays at 10 am on fixed dates, if the Challenger’s
Green is not available, the opponents will be given the
opportunity to host the match on their green. If this is not
possible, the Competitions Secretary will organise a
neutral green within that zone.
As Umpire or competent person must be present at each
match and the Draw for rinks and toss for the jack to take
place in the presence of the Umpire.or Competent
The team need not consist of the same ten players in
each round and may be changed, in whole or in part,

from round to round as the club may decide.
The match result should be telephoned to the relevant
Competitions Secretary on the day of play, giving the
score of each game, and the cards to be forwarded to
her as soon as possible.
The Zone Final and the Sussex Inter-Zone Final will be
held on neutral greens to be arranged by the Committee.
In the event of inclement weather leading to the
postponement of either Final, the Committee will arrange
an alternative date and an alternative time and green if
necessary. The Committee’s decision shall be final.
The four disciplines will be played on adjacent rinks. The
winning Club will hold for the ensuing season, the Mrs V.
C. Doyle Cup.
If the weather conditions are considered to be unduly
dangerous or unplayable by either of the teams, and in
the absence of a greenkeeper’s decision, the umpire in
charge shall have the final decision to continue or
suspend the match. If a game is abandoned it must be
completed the following six days.
Dress: Whites with club shirt and knitwear or


Women’s County Double Rink 2021